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    Puffco Vaporizers

    Puffco Vaporizers | Vaporizer UK

    The most awarded vaporizer company in 2016, Puffco is one of the leading manufacturers of vaping pens on the market. Having won the High Times best vape pen, their products are durable, stealthy with an enhanced and delicious amount of vapor production you just don’t see in other pocket nails. This vape contains a full spectrum of effects such as a wide variety of temperature settings as well as a session mode. What set Puffco aside during 2016 was their Puffco Plus model which is the first portable pen rig on the market which offered a fantastic amount of modular function but still providing a tremendous amount of flavour.

    Puffco Peak UK
    Puffco Peak
    Puffco Plus Vaporizer UK
    Puffco Pro 2 UK Vaporizer Sale
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