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Spare and replacement parts for your Vaporfection vaporizer. Founded in 2003, Vaporfection has conducted extensive research on vaporizers and perfected vapor delivery technology. Using a smart design approach and the best parts available, their vaporizers are guaranteed to give you years of great tasting vapor. 

Vaporfection Accessories

Vaporfection Glass Mouthpiece


Custom Made 14mm Glass Water Tool


NamasteVapes 14mm Glass Water Tool

£34.95 £59.95

Grizzly Originals 18mm Glass Water Tool

£49.95 £79.95

NamasteVapes 18mm Sider Glass Water Tool

£99.95 £119.95

Vaporfection Replacement Power Cord


Vaporfection Replacement Screens (6 pack)


Vaporfection Balloon Ties Pack


Vaporfection ViVape Balloon Kit


Vaporfection Aqua Vape


Vaporfection Balloon Vapor Valves


Vaporfection Wand Kit


Vaporfection ViVape 14mm Glass Whip Water Tool Adapter