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Hi and welcome to Vape Monster City the place we hope you will go for all your dry herb vaporizer, Concentrate pen, E-rig units and vaporizer accessories. We are a small family business based in the United Kingdom deep from within the beautiful countryside of Shropshire. The Vape Monster City Store was founded by Dic in 2015 and like to think we have come a long way from its small beginnings since we first started out.

Why Vape Monster City and the drive behind it. 

Dic’s love of mountain biking sent him looking for a healthier alternative for his other 
hobby and found the dry herb vaporizer this later drove him to start Vape Monster City and throw all his energy into making his vape store. Making it grow has been a tough one and is still battling to make it a reality and one day hopefully his full time job.
Confucius once said "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life" and this is Dic's dream and while he is currently still working another job as well as the Vape Monster City store to pay the bills he has no doubt it will become a reality!


About Vape Monster City

Vape Monster City prides itself on sourcing the best dry herb vaporizer, Concentrate pen and E-rig Units as well as Accessories from around the world and helping you get them to your doorstep fast! Forever learning along the way, the first year was a struggle and a tough learning curve while Dic knew his way around a computer, building and getting a website running smoothly has been tough. Now Vape Monster City is sitting comfortably and has finally started to come together, running smooth with the ability to process orders and get them to the customer quickly. Although Vape Monster City has only been around for a short time and we are still building our reputation, while only a few our store reviews have been very positive and we like to think it shows our high standards well. We push to make sure the customer comes first and try and go beyond to make sure they are happy, dealing with any issues we have any control of as best we can. For example we try and handle warranty cases ourselves if the customer asks for help we will happy take the burden and stress out of their hands and do our best to get a happy ending. Although in some cases certain vape companies don't allow this and prefer the customer to go straight to them but if we can we of course help.

About our Vapes

All of our Dry herb vaporizer, Concentrate pen and E-Rig Units are sourced straight from the supplier through the source known to be the most trusted vape wholesaler in the world. they are always the genuine article, the newest model and supplied with the latest firmware.

Contacting Vape Monster City

As Dic is the main person behind Vape Monster City handling most of the stores main logistics contacting by phone in the daytime can be hard as he has still got a full time day job. If you cannot get through in the daytime please don't think he is brushing you off, if you leave a message he will always ring you back as soon as it is possible to do so provided he has a contact number and once he gets home is always available in the evening to chat. Alternatively you can email or even text him for a quicker response. Our online chat service on the Vape Monster City website is also available in the evenings or to leave a message with in the day. 

Vape Monster City's Goals for the future

We have gradually grown and are slowly starting to get noticed in the vast world of the web this past year and this is great! We hope to keep expanding and grow the business into everyone's no.1 UK Concentrate and dry herb vaporizer store. We have come a long way from our humble beginnings, but we now like to think our store provides the customer with a pleasant shopping experience, but we know there is always room to improve and make things better. Some of the things added to the store in the past year have been mcAfee Security an extra feature to help you the customer feel secure and safer knowing your details are in safe hands, Trustspot another new added feature is a place for the customer to leave their experience with us in the way of a store review and our online chat is also a new addition. We are always open to suggestions and anything you have to say will be listened to if you have any ideas or even criticisms please feel free to let us know.    

You can get in Contact with us via:

  1. Online Chat and Message facility.
  2. Call 07904686420
  3. Email Via our Contact us page

I am available to chat most weekends as well, again if there is no immediate answer leave a message and I will get straight back to you as soon as possible.

A few of Vape Monster City's Store Reviews below:

Trustspot Vape Monster City Reviews

Thanks for taking the time to join us at Vape Monster City and I hope to see you again soon.

Regards Dic