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    Vape Monster City was forged in the fiery underground City known as ‘Vape’. Here live many little green monsters that love nothing more than chilling out with their monster friends, getting out their favourite herbs and exhaling clouds of vapor all day long…… However one monster had an Idea.
    An idea to start a Vaporizer Store, His goal was to get hold of the best herbal Vaporizers and make them available to like-minded monsters, if you are taking the trouble to read this then you are probably one of those monsters we are talking about.
    The Battle plan was simple, aim to fill the customer with a Happy and delightful experience and hopefully a little vapor along the way.
    Vape Monster City is far from a big Corporation of Fat Cats, it is currently run by one incredibly beautiful man that has a love for all things herbal and plans to build a reputable business from the ground up.

     This is 'Dic' Aka 'Vape Monster' the brains behind the business.....

    Notice his rather sleepy looking squinty eyes. YES you guessed it..... its obvious this is due to the long hours he is working to keep you monsters happy.
    Need more Info? send us an email and i will see what i can do, and thanks for taking the time to look.