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    Vape Monster City | Best Weed Vaporizer UK Shop 

    With vape pens for weed uk popularity growing Vape Monster City is proud to be bringing you some of the world's finest vapes and putting them all in one place. We take a lot of pride in sourcing some of the Best Weed Vaporizer UK devices from around the world and getting them straight to your door. 

    About Vape Monster City's Best Weed Vaporizer UK

    Our Vapes are sourced straight from the supplier through the source known to be the most trusted vape wholesaler in the world. You can rest assured when you buy from the Vape Monster you will be getting the genuine product and not a cheap knock off. Whether you are looking for a vape pen for weed uk for beginners or you are a seasoned professional vaper looking for something a little more extravagant and high tech, we have what you are looking for. Just to clarify it doesn't stop at just herbal vaporizers as we stock everything from concentrate vape pens, portable vaporizers to desktop monsters. Water tools, Grinders, you name it we stock it!  

    About Vape Monster City UK

    The Staff behind the curtains of Vape Monster City have a keen interest in the UK dry herb vaporizer scene and culture. All of us growing up have been enjoying the herb ourselves for many years and as we grew older and we like to think along the way a little wiser, upon hearing about the new kid on the block "The dry herb vaporizer" it was time to turn our unhealthy and extremely enjoyable hobby into a healthy one, by dropping the way our bodies absorbed the beloved herb and concentrates we all love. So away went the rolling papers and out came the vape pen for weed uk! Very much a vape beginner a couple of years ago, I like to think here at Vape Monster City we now truly know what we are talking about and have since put a lot of effort and time getting the very best vapes from around the world and bringing them here to the UK. We really enjoy what we are doing and feel grateful to have jumped onto the scene early, to see the UK dry herb vaporizer well and truly grow from almost nothing and then to explode into a large community of avid UK vapers wanting the best dry herb vaporizer they can get their hands on. This alone has helped the movement grow and because of this so many companies have noticed there is a keen interest and are jumping in head first with many actually innovating and improving the design and function of the herbal vaporizer we know and indeed love to use. When I started Vape Monster City the pickings were slim, the choice out there was small. The companies out there at the time were kicking out some great stuff but there just wasn't many out there doing it. At the start all that was really available were a few portable dry herb vaporizers and desktop herb vaporizers. A couple of years have flown by and now Vape Monster City have grown to an online store full of pages overflowing with everything from dry herb vaporizer pens, Concentrate pens, E-nail vaporizers and a formidable range of portable dry herb vaporizers, concentrate vaporizers and hybrid vaporizers of the portable and desktop variety. The rise of the vaporizer doesn't seem to be slowing down and Vape Monster City will continue to source the finest of them out there to add to the ranks. Our Goal is to become the No.1 go to store for your vape needs. We have some heavy competition already, we are a small family business and still have full time jobs to contend with, while running the vaporizer store in our not so spare time. But this is our true passion and we are committed to see our beloved hobby become our job. A quote that has always stuck with me from Confucius "Choose a Job You Love, and You Will Never Have to Work a Day in Your Life". We strive to give you the customer, the best experience possible by promptly processing your orders and getting them out to the customer ASAP with the majority of our orders getting to your doorstep the very next day. We admit sometimes due to our day jobs and busy schedule of shipping and processing orders to get out on time, we are not always available to answer our phone but leave us a message and as long as we have a contact number or Email address to respond to we will always get back to you as soon as possible. As mentioned before we love the dry herb vaporizer biz and we really hope it shows, we are a highly motivated bunch and we are eager to impress.

    Dry Herb Vaporizers for Beginners

    Just like Toys are Us we have everything under one roof including some great dry herb vaporizer pens and portable units perfect for the person fresh to the scene. The world of the dry herb vaporizer can be really confusing to someone that has giving up smoking and looking for something to convert them to the healthy option of vaping his medicine. There are many a dry herb vaporizer and concentrate vaporizer available on the Vape Monster Store that are extremely easy to operate and will have you vaping with the best of them in no time. If you have any trouble converting to the vapeside, or are having trouble understanding which unit would be best suitable for your needs or even have trouble with the dreaded instructions and need some advice, we are always there at the Vape Monster City to provide advice and to help get you happily vaping on your way. Say goodbye to the rolling papers and coughing up flem and enjoy the healthy benefits of taking your medicine with a new shiny dry herb vaporizer.

    The benefits of converting your lifestyle to a dry herb vaporizer

    The benefits are huge! The majority of what makes smoking so unhealthy isn't really the nicotine that everyone seems to think and suggest, but the process of combustion. When you light the end of that paper stick you are essentially setting fire to your herbs and everything else inside the rolling paper and thus creating a mass of extremely toxic carcinogens including a great deal of tar that upon inhaling is absorbed into your poor lungs, it makes me want to cough just talking about it. Yes you are getting the benefits of your beloved herb but also the negatives of the combustion process at the same time. The main purpose of a good quality dry herb vaporizer is first and foremost to not burn your herbs but to vaporize it instead. A good example to display the difference of smoking vs. vaporizing is to imagine smoking as you lighting up the barbecue and throwing the burgers on, being that we live in the UK and spend little time honing our BBQ skills to a fine art the burgers are soon burnt to a crisp due to the flames directly hitting them and scorching them black. Whereas you’re dry herb vaporizer is more like a good oven gently heating your food without burning it. So when your herbs are in the vaporizers heating chamber instead of burning it directly it simply heats it gently and instead of inhaling a lung full of carcinogenic Smokey nastiness you get smooth vapor instead, keeping all the medicinal goodness and leaving the rest behind.

    Why should I buy my dry herb vaporizer from Vape Monster City

    As mentioned before this is something we truly enjoy and have gone to turn something we love doing into our job. We are here for your sales needs as well as your after sales needs we want your Vape Monster City experience to be a good one. We are a small family Business that still have our feet firmly on the ground and know the customer satisfaction is everything. Whether you need some help with your new purchase or advice on what to buy we are here for you. If you are looking for an affordable and cheap weed vaporizer UK to test the waters with or the best weed Vaporizer UK money can buy, The Vape Monster City is there to accommodate.

    If you have any questions for Vape Monster City please feel free to contact us.

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