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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Dr dabber boost

    Great bit of kit apart from after about 15dabs the glass clogs up and you can't get anything through without cleaning apart from that I'm happy with it.

    Fantastic company and product

    I cannot speak too highly of Vape City Monster nor of their products. The customer service team went above and beyond to ensure I was happy and accommodated. I recommend them to anyone I know who is looking for new equipment or an upgrade of any kind.

    The product itself is fantastic. It performs well above my expectations and I actually have a second e-rig on the way so that my friends don't feel left out during our sessions.
    It is excellent value for money as you get an incredibly high quality product as well as access to what I would call a premium level of customer service.

    Any considering getting a vaping product I would strongly recommend Vape City Monster as your one top shop for everything you need!

    Dr Dabber Boost

    Excellent value for money, great product and savesbthe hassle of a blowtorch. Although you can buy a better kit from the U.S for around the same price which contains more items. I just couldnt wait two weeks for delivery! Loving Dr Dabber so far having purchased the Boost and Ghost


    This is an awesome lil rig that you can take ANYWHERE!! Love my Dr D would definitely recommend to anyone who likes a dab on the go! Or at home!

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