Linx Ares Concentrate Pen - Vape Monster City
Linx Ares Concentrate Pen - Vape Monster City
Linx Ares Concentrate Pen - Vape Monster City
Linx Ares Concentrate Pen - Vape Monster City

    Linx Ares Concentrate Pen

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    LINX ARES Wax Pen UK

    The ceramic rod atomizer heats up quickly and delivers incredibly powerful vapor. The coil-less ceramic rod, glass mouthpiece, and stainless steel vapor path ensure purity of flavor.  Just hold the power button and dip the ceramic rod in your product.


    Key Features:

    • For Concentrates.
    • Amazing new Linx Vapor ARES HONEY STRAW delivers clean hits!
    • Medical grade stainless steel construction.
    • From the company that brought you the Linx Zero.
    • Super portable, about the size of a pen.
    • Amazing pull action allows for super clean hits heated by a ceramic rod.
    • No loading required.
    • Two temperatures to choose from low (900f) or high (1100f)
    • 1 year warranty covers all mechanical defects.


    Full Description:

    The Linx Ares looks like a normal vape pen, but it is in fact more like a cross between a portable enail and a nectar collector. You pop off the magnetic covers on the top and bottom to reveal a mouthpiece at one end and a ceramic heating element and vapor path at the other. Simply turn the device on with a five clicks of the fire button and she's ready to go in standby mode. Just hold down the power button and the element will heat up in a matter of a couple of seconds to your preset heat setting.

    There are two options, 800 degrees and 1000 degrees so you can tailor the vapor levels to your needs. You then simply dip the element into your concentrate while inhaling through the mouthpiece and get clouds of thick tasty vapor. Once you are done, you just turn it off, pop the caps back on and put it away. No loading or unloading to worry about, just great vapor and perfect convenience every time.

    The ceramic element and all steel pathway ensure perfect flavor every time and the glass mouthpiece keeps temps down nicely. The 750mAH battery also ensures you'll have plenty of use between charges so you can go out with it for the day without having to worry about it dying on you. Portable dabbing has never been so tasty.


    The ceramic rod atomizer heats up fast and delivers incredibly powerful vapor. Like Hypnos, Ares continues its emphasis on fresh flavor utilizing quality source materials and its patent pending design.


    Ares eliminates the loading process. Simply dip the pen in your favorite extracts and get fresh hit each and every time. No more reclaim and no more waste.


    With a modular design, Ares can be dissembled into multiple components, making cleaning safe and easy.


    Whats in the box:

    • 1 x Linx Ares 750 mAH Rechargeable Battery.
    • 1 x Linx Ares Ceramic Rod Atomizer.
    • 1 x Linx Ares Magnetic Atomizer Cap.
    • 1 x Linx Ares Magnetic Pen Cap.
    • 1 x  Stainless Steel Sheath.
    • 1 x  Glass Mouthpiece.
    • 1 x  Glass Container.
    • 1 x  USB charger.

    Note: This Vaporizer product is intended for aromatherapy purposes only.



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