LINX Gaia Vaporizer - Vape Monster City
LINX Gaia Vaporizer - Vape Monster City
LINX Gaia Vaporizer - Vape Monster City
LINX Gaia Vaporizer - Vape Monster City
LINX Gaia Vaporizer - Vape Monster City
LINX Gaia Vaporizer - Vape Monster City
LINX Gaia Vaporizer - Vape Monster City

    LINX Gaia Vaporizer

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    LINX Gaia UK

    The LINX Gaia is a truly elegant portable vaporizer featuring a brushed aluminium shell with an incredibly quick heat up time and a unique quartz chamber for ultimate flavour!

    Key Features:

    • For Dry Herb.
    • Featuring the world’s first Quartz heating chamber.
    • OLED screen displays your temperature settings and battery levels so you always know what is going on with the device.
    • Adjustment buttons allow you to fine tune the temperature of your vape to make sure that it is exactly how you like it.
    • Gaia comes with nearly 100% convection heating, allowing hot air to vaporize the materials in the quartz chamber thoroughly and efficiently.
    • Quickly reach your ideal temperature in around 20 seconds.
    • The mouthpiece is made of glass which feels nice as well as keeping heat from transferring through from the main chamber when you vape.
    • Magnetic cap protects the glass mouthpiece. A magnetic Stirring tool is also hidden at the bottom of the Gaia for ease of use.
    • A vertically brushed casing is meticulously crafted from top quality metal, making Gaia a sleek and elegant device in the palm of your hand.
    • Gaia uses 100% air, rather than synthetic materials from traditional thermal insulation, to insulate heat from the vaporization process. This unique air insulation makes flavour full and healthy.


    Full Description

    Are you an individual who loves being discreet? Do you enjoy vaping? Would you prefer conducting your aroma therapeutic sessions without the knowledge of every prying eyes, and in extension the whole street, community, state, and eventually country? Well, isn’t today your lucky day? Introducing the LINX Gaia UK portable vaporizer, one of the sleekest portable vaporizers available. The LINX Gaia vaporizer is so small it can barely be seen when in your pocket talk less of when it is in the palm of your hand! The Gaia mixes convection and conduction heating for impressive efficiency and vapor production.

    The LINX Gaia vaporizer has a unique quartz flavor chamber which was specifically chosen to provide users with the cleanest and purest possible taste. The featured quartz heating chamber is the first to ever be put in a vaporizer, its main duty is to enable vaporizers users enjoy the experience more by producing hot air to purify the taste or flavour the vape produces and making it as natural and dirt-free as possible.

    The LINX Gaia portable vaporizer comes with a high quality internal Li-ion battery that possesses a strong battery life, strong enough to provide you with over 1 hour of constant usage, along with a lightning micro USB charger to swiftly boost the Gaia’s battery when it is out of juice. The LINX Gaia vaporizer’s high quality Li-ion battery is so strong that it is capable of heating the unit in minimal time, say 20 seconds. All you need do is press the power button, hum a melody and your vape is ready!

     A full temperature control range of 200-428°F down to the digit which can be controlled at will and to your discretion through the adjustment buttons that also come with the LINX Gaia vaporizer. You need not stress your brain and make guesses as to what level of temperature you are currently on as the manufacturers of the LINX Gaia vaporizer have installed clear OLED display that does that for you. The OLED display, asides from displaying the level of temperature you are on, also displays the level or percentage of your battery so you can easily know when it urgently needs a charge and when you can keep your vape sessions going for another 30 minutes. With the adjustable temperature feature and the variable temperature range, the LINX Gaia vaporizer gives users the free will to decide what temperature works for them rather than forcing one or two levels of temperature on users.

    The LINX Gaia vaporizer has a glass mouthpiece which adds to sleek nature of the product, has a nice feel on the mouth, and prevents heat from transferring from the main chamber when you conduct your aroma therapeutic sessions. It also makes use of 100% air to insulate heat from the vaporization process rather than synthetic materials from traditional thermal insulation. This unique air insulation technique helps make flavour full and healthy. This feature is further proof that the LINX Gaia vaporizer was specifically designed to be easy to use by individuals who love to enjoy a good vape.

    The Gaia is crafted from durable and lightweight brushed aluminium designed to make it elegant enough to hold up to daily hand holding and pocket carrying. A magnetic mouthpiece cap to protect the glass mouthpiece and a magnetic loading and stirring tool integrated into the base of the unit also comes with the LINX Gaia vaporizer to offer users maximum convenience during their sessions!

    The LINX Gaia portable vaporizer has been made out of the best materials and has lots of wonderful features such as its one of a kind quartz flavor heating chamber, a very wide range of adjustable temperature, fast heat up time, a clear high definition OLED display, and a powerful LI-ion battery, to name a few, that were professionally and perfectly used to complement themselves and coupled together in a sleek, elegant, and incredibly small casing to give birth to this wonderful portable vaporizer.

    The LINX Gaia vape pens have been so brilliantly manufactured that it carries a one year warranty on its electronic components. This is good news as you are sure to get a repair or replacement should, in the course of a year of purchasing the LINX Gaia vaporizer, one or all its electronic components develop a fault. Say goodbye to one of the reasons behind the scepticism you might experience when deciding on whether or not to get the LINX Gaia vaporizer.

    If you love a portable dry herb vaporizer with a sleek design that produces high quality linx vapor, clean taste facilitated by a quartz flavour heating chamber mainly introduced for this purpose, and a long lasting battery with a lightning-like charger to conduct your aroma therapeutic sessions, the LINX Gaia vaporizer is the ideal pick for you.

    The LINX Gaia vaporizer is available for delivery to every nook and cranny of the UK.


    What’s in the box:

    • Linx Gaia, with all quartz heating chamber.
    • Linx Gaia Mouthpiece Cap.
    • Steel Tool.
    • Cleaning brush.
    • Linx 2-in-1 Lightning and Micro USB Charger. (Use micro USB connector to charge Gaia)
    • 1 year limited warranty.



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews

    Best looking vape out there. I'm new to dry herb vaping so the taste of the dry hit isn't that great. The Linx Bubbler I've ordered should improve that.

    Short lifespan

    It is not working, I haven’t used it at all, I am looking to return this item.


    LINX Gaia Vaporizer


    LINX Gaia Vaporizer