Puffco Plus Pen Vaporizer

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Puffco Plus Vaporizer (Newest Version)


A High Times award winner in 2016 the Puffco Plus concentrate pen is in a league of its own. Coming in a sleek gloss black stainless steel shell and standing just over 5 inches tall with a single illuminated Puffco logo button on the front and illuminated logo on the base. The Puffco Plus brings an incredible standard of performance with its unique design, it has deep chamber ceramic coiless disc atomizer that is capable of holding up 0.3 grams. To go with the ceramic chamber the Puffco Plus uses a really clever ceramic dab tool called “The Dart” that is built into the fully isolated mouthpiece, helping you to load your concentrates/wax easily with no mess and assists in heating the concentrates more evenly. You can choose between three temperature setting ranging from 190c to 230c shown by the colour led indicator. The Battery can be fully charged via USB in 45-60 minutes and will give you around 30 sessions of dense tasty vapor. This is one of the best concentrate pens on the market today and one of the simplest to use with little learning curve needed. The puffco Plus pen uses the standard 510 threads and fits together with ease.


1x Puffco Plus vaporizer unit,
4x Puffco Vaporizer cleaning swabs,
1x replacement puffco plus vape pen chamber with cap,
1x Puffco USB charging cable
1x Puffco+ instruction book

Key Features

A Hands Free Vape mode called Sesh Mode
Convection Heating Technology
Deep chamber for 0.3g of vaping wax or concentrate
A Ceramic Coilless Atomizer
Well Over 30 vape draws per load going up to 50 on average
An Isolated air way for ultimate flavour
Temperature control from 190c to 230c with LED colour indicator
Made To Vaporize various oils and waxes
A Vaporizer Pen made In the USA
Rated Best Wax Pen Vaporizer In The World

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    Puffco Plus Pen Vaporizer